rehydrating african hides

Submitted by larry jones on 10/21/99. ( )

i am tanning several salt dried capes impala,tommy,reedbuck.grants gazzelle.what is the best soultion to relax these skins in.ihave had good results tanning simalar capes in the past but it seems the tissue on the surface of the skins never fully relaxes.making the capes hard to flesh without cutting too many holes with the fleshing the past i soaked the skins in salt water for a couple days then put them in the pickle before trying to flesh,wondering is there a better way or do i just need to get better on the fleshing machine

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Bruce Rittle

This response submitted by Frank on 10/22/99. ( )

Check with Bruce. He has some great products and info for rehytrating those nasty hides.

Tough Stuff!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 10/22/99. ( )

Frank is probably referring to our Relaxing product called Ultra-Soft (US-609) - it makes water wetter and it is great on difficult to relax skins. Its also "Very" mild on the epidermal tissue which some commercial relaxers tend to mush and in turn, causes slippage. But even the US-609 needs some help with Africans! Its always good to grind, or run a wire brush wheel over that outer layer to break it up and to allow the relaxing solution to penetrate. It sometimes forms a barrier to the penetration of any liquids because of "sun glazing" in the field. One suggestion from one of our cusatomers is to tumble the skins in hardwood sawdust saturated with a US-609 solution to relax them. It sounds very practical - but I havent had an opportunity to try it yet. Another customer suggestion is to first soak the skins for 24 hours in a US-609 solution, and if they are still not relaxed, then add Salt (2 Lbs. per 1 Gallon) to it and allow it to soak longer (up to 2 days). This also seems very practical - but again I havent experimented with it. Good Luck.

RELAX R BY Knoblochs

This response submitted by Mark on 10/22/99. ( )

Larry, what you need to do is put about 2oz of Relax R
in to 5 gallons of water and 1/4lb salt to each gallon as
well as 1/8oz of Basacryl NBKU. Put the skins in this solution
and let sit for a couple of hours, If hard to rehydrate
then take some Relax R (wetting agent) and mix with water
at a 50/50 ratio, then pull skins out and paint this solution
on.Let skins sit with this solution for about 2hrs then place
back into the bath. Having a wetting agent like Relax R
will aide you and speed up your process. You may even take
and put your tanned skins in a similar bath but 1oz of relax R
to 5 gallons of water. Contact us for further help. Mark Daniels

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