thawing capes

Submitted by jim on 10/21/99. ( )

Is there anything that can be done when thawing raw capes to prevent hair slipping.My normal procedure is to let thaw overnite,the next morning I fleash turn ears ,lips etc and salt as soon as possible.This method takes about two hours of working with the cape before the salt is put on.Is there any else I sould be doing to prevent slippage before the salt is put on.

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This response submitted by Frank on 10/22/99. ( )

How are you thawing them out? Are you leaving them exposed to mother nature in the house near heat, or are you leaving them in the fridge to thaw out there. If you are experiencing hair slippage that fast your cape may have been handled wrong to begin with or you are exposing it to, to much heat. Remember a animal starts to decompose right after death, so with you freezing and rethawing it may be to warm where you are thawing it out and this causes bacterail growth and will give you slippage. Try putting you cape in the fridge to unthaw. May take longer but never had a problem.

Slipping? rot row roege

This response submitted by John C on 10/22/99. ( )

Rolled into a ball and froze, without deep chilling first?

Try thawing it is salt water with BACTERISTAT Tablets added. or under running water, then tumble in sawdust to dry.

One more thing!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 10/22/99. ( )

I usually lay the cape on a garbage bag and simply let it thaw at room temperature - overnight! The next day I unfold it, and rub salt into it as I work. It helps thaw any areas still a bit frozen eventually, and begins to work into the cape or skin. Avoid excessive heat! I also like Frank's Frig idea and John's using cold water to thaw it. Great alternatives.

thawing frozen hides

This response submitted by Todd Smith on 10/22/99. ( )

I usually thaw in water if you mess with the hide at all you can useually get it apart in about 2 hours, than you can clean the hide up a little bit hand squeegy it, then you are ready to salt, flesh, turn, without any problem at all, unless the hide was not taken care of in the beginning.


This response submitted by rick on 2/28/00. ( Ricks taxidermy )

fold your hides,they will frez & thaw faster.put them in front of a fan & hang up if possible when thawing.Miracle Thaw is sold at Target,Kmart-it is a sheet of somekind of throw your steak on it,few min later its doesn't get hot or plug in or need anything else.i raised mine with a couple of good espically on smallgame.

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