Is this common????

Submitted by Tony on 1/2/00. ( )

I have tanned four different deer capes and have had this same problem with all of them.
My capes shrink to the point where they will not fit the manikin I ordered. They would fit
before the tanning process because I test-fitted the capes to the manikin before salting and
pickling. I thought I might not be shaving them thin enough, so I took special care on the last
one I did and made sure I shaved it until I could see the bluish tint that everyone refers to
when shaving a cape. My neck measurement was 21.5 inches and I ordered a 21 inch form. Before
salting and tanning it fit fine. After pickling, shaving and tanning, not even close! I cannot
even get the cape over the head of the form, much less get the seam pulled together. I ordered
a new form that is smaller so hopefully it will fit. I am open for
suggestions, but I can tell you that the cape cannot be shaved any thinner without cutting the hair
folicles. I read on here where people talk about how much better it is to tan a cape, but if this
is what I have to look forward to, I am going to stick with other methods.

BTW, I have used EZ-100 and the cape I am about to mount now was tanned with liqua-tan.


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Dont think is nuetralized

This response submitted by John C on 1/2/00. ( )

Either take some baking soda water to the inside of the cape see if that helps?

Or you have over tanned it. I will bet its to acid. John C

stretch it

This response submitted by tanman on 1/2/00. ( )

SOUNDS LIKE YOU NEED TO INVEST IN A HIDE STRETCHER.OR MAKE ONE. Also,how are you tanning,is it a quick tan,as in overnight or doyou let the hide hang[[here is where the hanger comes in]]after tanning?

No One Has Said It, But.....

This response submitted by Bob B on 1/2/00. ( foxranch@hotmail )

No one has said it, but I never order forms, based only on raw cape (or hide)
measurements. I measure everything raw (basically to give me a target point
for stretching), then again after tanning. Then freeze the cape (hide) and order
my forms.

Hope this helps

Try relaxing the cape????

This response submitted by Brent Gorman - Dirty Creek Taxidermy & Tannery on 1/2/00. ( )

Tony, we own our tannery and my suggestions are as follows:
use Relax-R, soak 30 - 45 mins if this does not help soak overnight. Also you can use downy clothes softner any problems E-mail we will be glad to help you.
Hope this helps.
Brent Gorman

I think John C. may have solved the problem

This response submitted by Kenneth on 1/3/00. ( )

A caped will not regain its original stretch if it is not neutralized properly. Check your instructions for the neutralization step. Good Luck.

One other thought!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 1/4/00. ( )

As I read your question - you never mentioned Oiling the capes. I'm assuming you do - but its absolutely necessary to oil in order to maintain the sizing or diamensions of the cape. If you dont it - shrinks. The only reason I question the oiling is because with the paint-ons its included - but when you use EZ-100 or Lutan F - its a seperate step.

Moisture also

This response submitted by MARK on 1/4/00. ( )

If you have neutralized it correctly did you try to spin the water out of the cape so that it is still damp and let it hang for a while ?
Sometimes too much moisture can cause this with Liqua Tan, then
Lightly re-oil the skin. Mark

did you measure correctly to start with??

This response submitted by Steve A. on 1/11/00. ( )

I usually get kneck measurements after a deer is skinned. When they have
their late Fall hair it can make measurements bigger than they should be.
I get little shrinkage with Lutan-F, and I know that Easy-100 is good

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