Oxalic Pickle Reuse

Submitted by Shy on 1/2/00. ( )

I have heard One-Who-Knows say that he dumps pickling solution after one use. I also know guys that use their formic pickle continuously. If I can measure the salt content and the pH and you can leave skins in it for months at a time, please tell me why I should NOT reuse oxalic acid pickle. And for how many times? How about Saftee acid as well?

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People do reuse them - Tanneries dont!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 1/4/00. ( rittel@ici.net )

Yes - they can be reused over again - BUT - its difficult sometimes to accurately "recharge" or strengthen them. Tanneries, or at least the ones I've worked with, almost never try to reuse a pickle. They become dirty, and they contain a lot of the skin's fluids and soluable fats. In short - they provide very inconsistent results. Tanneries want the same reliable results EVERY time! Fortunately - if I were to try and reuse a pickle, Oxalic would be easier than others. Just add acid for a 1.5 Ph and check the Salt content for 40% or higher on your Salinometer!

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