Sal Soda ?

Submitted by shelly on 1/3/00. ( )

I have a simple question , does anyone know what (Sal soda ) is?
and if I can buy it in a drug store under another name ?
thank you ....

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Sal Soda

This response submitted by Art on 1/3/00. ( )

Sodium Carbonate....Try drug Store,Hardware store, WASCO ,Van Dykes

Arm and Hammer Washing Soda

This response submitted by Keith Daniels on 1/3/00. ( )

It's at your bigger grocery stores in with the laundry detergent, it's actually sodium carbonate, available at chemical suppliers who deal with water treatment in big bags for a small price if you need large volume. If you go to the grocery, don't confuse it with baking soda, that's sodium bi-carbonate, and won't work the same.

Sal soda

This response submitted by Larry on 1/3/00. ( )

Any chemical you buy at a drug store will cost you an arm and a leg (like drugs), and will usually only be available in small quantities. You are much better off, even with the cost of shipping, to buy from a taxidermy supplier like those mentioned. We also carry sal soda, and if you'd like a catalog, visit our web site (guest book) at www.hidebeak .com, or call us at 1-800-777-7916, and ask for one.


This response submitted by SHELLY on 1/3/00. ( )

I found some ....thanks for the feed back ....

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