need some opinions on favorite tan

Submitted by chance on 11/15/99. ( )

would some of you let me know what kind of tan you prefer

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This response submitted by Mark on 11/15/99. ( )

Dear Chance, I have tried alot of different tans over the years and this past year I have used Rittels ez-100. By far it is the best I have used. I have tried alot of different paint on tans out on the market and the Rittels Kwik-n-ez paint on is the best cream tan. Both tans have lots of stretch and minimal shrinkage. I'm sure you are going to get alot of feedback on this post but this is my opinion. As for pickling there are alot of diffrent choices from the different suppliers but I myself am into the safest chemicals I can get so my choice is safetee acid from Rittels. Good luck to you, Mark

Rittel's Is Very Good

This response submitted by Gary & Diana Kies, K & K Tannery on 11/16/99. ( )

We are a fairly new tannery and was using a tanning product (we will not mention the name) then we switched to Rittel's EZ100 after attending a taxidermy convention. What a difference and our taxidermists are very pleased also.

If you need a tannery -- give us a chance (Chance). We can be reached at 517-523-3196 or via the net. You will be glad you did take a chance with us.

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