Tanning an elk hide

Submitted by Dusty Hill on 11/17/99. ( hilld9@nationwide.com )

I am in the pickling process of my elk hide. After salting the hide, I put the hide directly into the pickling solution without rehydrating. Will this be a problem and what can I do to correct it? It has only been in the solution for about 12 hours. Also, I do not know the correct amount of water, salt and pickling solution to use for this particular hide. I am currently using 16 gallons of water and I ran out of pickling crystals(I used 5 lbs of pickling crystals). Do I need to get more crystals or am I ok with what I have. The hide is a medium-sized cow. Where can I get litmus paper at to determine the correct pH? Thanks, Dusty

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Is anyone there?

This response submitted by Dusty Hill on 11/18/99. ( )

Just wondering if my message has been received...

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