overtanned?over pickled?

Submitted by cua on 11/19/99. ( expert8molder_cua@yahoo.com )

Though, correct tannage or pickled bath , I presumed can preserved skins for quite a long time, I wonder if there is a so called Overtanned or Overpickled? (if there is such word that exist)In an overtanned cape, what usually is the result/ or good quality being sacrificed? Is it the stretch/shelflife???? how about in a so called overpickled hide, what undesireable thing May happened at the very end? There MUST BE something that will undesireably happen when thing are being overdone/oversoaked. I wonder what those good qualities might be at stake, if you make it longer that the prescribed soaking time?? I am referring to "soak" tannage such as Lutan F, EZ 100,Acid pickled bath . etc. and explained in a rather more general tanning principle.or perhaps it dont hurt at all even soaked in years????!!

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Yes and No

This response submitted by Keith Daniels on 11/19/99. ( arlcape@bright.net )

You can over tan, but pickle isn't a problem. I, personally, haven't seen the length of time in the tan to be that big of a factor, of course I've never left skins in for an extreme length of time either. What will cause you a problem is using too much tan for the weight of skins. You'll see manufacturer reccomendations for the different products, just follow them and you should be O K.

The result of an overtan will give you a thicker skin with less stretch.

I have had skins of my own in pickle for over a year with no detrimental effects, just keep the Ph right.

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