Fleshing Cape

Submitted by Chad on 11/30/99. ( CSwinford@prodigy.net )

I am in the process of mounting my first deer. I skinned the head and fleshed what I could, then I salted it for 48 hours. After 48 hours, I attempted to complete the fleshing process and what somewhat successful but not completely. What is the best tools and techniques to use when fleshing?
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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Cape Prep

This response submitted by CRITTER on 11/30/99. ( crttrs99@palacenet.net )

I'm not sure if you are asking what the next step is or not.

Once a cape has been fleshed (removal of meat, membrane and fat from the skin) and salted it should be rehydrated and washed clean.

After the cape has been relaxed and washed it should be placed into an acid bath (pickle) to plump up the hide for shaving the skin. I have a feeling this is the process you are questioning. The skin needs to be shaved (removal of part of the skin layer) in order to allow the oil to properly penetrate the hide after neutralizing the acid. Skipping any part of this process will not properly tan a hide.

Whatever you do don't trust in those "miracle creams" where you simple salt wash and rub on the oil. Thou they may preserve a skin the will not properly tan one, that is as bad as the dust bunnies!!!

Hope I've helped some, if not clearify your question.



This response submitted by Mark on 11/30/99. ( )

In order to propely flesh a cape you must have a fleshing machine of sorts be it a hand held miniflesher or a larger model. As for tanning there are many good tans on the market but I would recommend a couple. Rittels ez-100 and kwik-n-ez. Both are great if done properly. Good Luck, Mark


This response submitted by STEVE A. on 12/1/99. ( )

For your first deer mounts you can get by without thinning
the hide and without using a fleshing machine. I know it is
a little frustrating at first trying to get all the meat off
especially around the face. There are several great videos
on the market to rent or buy showing how this is done. A
scraping knife works well for rolling off the meat when using
a fleshing beam. On the face I really like to use a skife
knife after salting for a couple days. A deer hide is fairly
thin. Most all of my early deer heads were mounted without
the use of a fleshing machine. Hang in there, taxidermy is
loads of fun. Get some videos and learn how.

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