Liquid-Tan Procedure: Critique it!!

Submitted by Terry L. Miller on 12/2/99. ( )

Well, for my first real attempt to give back to the forum, the following is what I have gleaned as a proper procedure of cape preparation and tanning using Liquid-Tan. Hopefully, after the responses of constructive criticism, it might be one source to eliminate some of the repetitive questions the more advance taxidermists have been so kind and patient in responding to. Please, give it a good overview, and respond, for my benefit and for all those who have anxiety about slippage, tanning, etc... I had compiled the following chart as a personal reference sheet to follow and it occurred to me it might be helpful here on the forum. Thanks to all who have helped me in the past and those who respond to this posting. May God bless you all!!

Note: After copying and pasting the following procedure into the forum, it appeared choppy on my computer screen. I tried to fix it but if it doesn't transfer correctly, I'm sorry but I thought it was worth a try.

Tanning Procedure

1. Skin
2. Freeze - (to kill ticks but can be omitted)
3. Thaw and Flesh, turn lips, eyes, ears, nose
4. Salt 24 hours skin side out and let drain
5. shake and re-salt till flint dry to help set hair
6. Rehydrate - no salt
- blood eater &/or ultra-soft relaxer(2 oz./5 gal.water)
- bactericide (follow itís directions)
- 3 to 5 hours normally
7. Rinse
8. Pickle - Formic Acid 2.5 ph or Saftee Acid 1.0 ph
- 1 pound salt per gallon
- 3 days with agitation frequently
- NO bactericide or Lysol in pickle
9. Drain
10. Shave cape and do final trim on eyes, lips, nose
11. Return to pickle for 24 hours (if ph is okay, cape is fine for a couple weeks +)
12. Neutralization - new solution
(Note: Never place pickled cape directly into pure water!!!)
- 1 oz. baking soda / gal. of water
- 1 oz. sodium acetate / gal. of water (better)
- 20 minutes if using Liquid-Tan (ph 4.5 -5.0)
13. Remove cape and drain quickly!!
14. RINSE WELL!!! (if not,continued neutralization could cause slippage!!!)
15. Spin cycle of washer with hair side out
16. Towel dry inside skin very well
17. Apply warmed Liquid-Tan (quart bottle in hot water bath)
18. Leave overnight (6 hours plus) folded skin to skin
19. Freeze or mount or hang to completely dry (tanned)

If froze: If completely dry:

a. thaw a. rehydrate - 4 oz.s salt/gal.water
b. QUICK wash w/dawn - soak 30 minutes
(2 minutes max.?) - garbage bag w/o draining
c. rinse twice with clean water - place in frige overnight
d. spin cycle to drain (hair side out) - can rinse or
5-10 min. tumble

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clarifying comment

This response submitted by Terry on 12/2/99. ( )

The bottom of the procedure consisted of two columns (if froze and if completely dry). The forum ran both columns together, try to separate. Sorry, Terry

By Terry I think you have it!

This response submitted by John C on 12/2/99. ( )

Good job!!! The only thing I would do is place a fan on it to dry the LIQA-TAN in During that six hour period. JC

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