Confused about pre-soaking capes

Submitted by Jim on 11/20/99. ( )

Could somebody please straighten me out? I have talked to different people about pre-soaking a cape that has either been left warm to long or has not had the proper field care. I once was told to soak any cape that was in question in a solution of 1 Gallon Water, 2 Lbs. salt, and 1 oz. bactericide, to set the hair. In reading a earlier question submitted it was suggested not to soak or wash cape prior to salting. Please help!

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Probably it was me!!!!!!!!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 11/20/99. ( )

It was probably me that said Dont wash before salting! Dry it to set the hair first! Get the hair tight!! If you have any doubts about a cape - resist the temptation to get it into the pickle quickly. Salt and dry it bonehard first, then rehydrate it, if its exceptionally filthy, quick wash it, rinse good, and then put it into the pickle.

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