degrease bear before auto-tanning?

Submitted by Pacemakr on 12/3/99. ( )

I just fleshing machined a black bear hide (rug). Now, do I need to degrease with something like Polytransfer degreaser or Super Solvent prior to auto-tanning, or can I just toss it in and it will come out sparkling clean? I need to degrease myself first. Thanks for your consideration.

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In The Tan?

This response submitted by Keith Daniels on 12/4/99. ( )

If your'e using a degreaser that's compatible with the tan, just do it together. You'll find that most of the degreasers on the market for tanning will work that way, but mineral spirits, gas etc. won't. Just check with the manufacturer of the degreaser you use.

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