freezer burn

Submitted by Bill G. on 11/22/99. ( )

I've looked down the list of threads, and haven't seen anything about
freezer burn. When someone brings you a cape that has some burn on
it how do you rehydrate it for fleshing and turning? Can you soak it
in anti-bacterial and cold water? It sure seems that some people want
you to do a good job on a hyde that they didn't even want to care
about freezing. (just dropped into a trashbag and froze.

Thank for the help.

Bill G.

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Soak it up...

This response submitted by Bob Mead on 11/22/99. ( )

You are so right! Hunters expect us to perform small miracles on their abused trophies and, for the most part, we comply (we should all charge accordingly, as well!). Case and point: a customer brought in an elk cape the other day that was dry, black, and covered with pine needles and dirt (flesh side!). I'm sure it had only been in his freezer uncovered for a month of two, but the untrained eye may have dated it to the Jurasic period. It had no areas that were soft after thawing. I soaked the cape in 30 gallons of salt water (20 lbs. salt) for 2 days. It softened up and I fleshed, split, and salted as usual with no slippage. This may also work for you...good luck!

PS. Yeah, I charged him more, too.

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