Caribou cape worms?

Submitted by Randy A on 11/22/99. ( )

While fleshing a caribou cape I received yesterday,I noticed what appeared to be boils all over the flesh side of the cape. As I fleshed over them their were holes clear through hide with little white maggot type worms in them.Was wondering if someone could tell me what they were,and if this will cause any problems in tanning the cape.Any information would be greatly appreaciated.Thank You.Randy A

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Bot Flies

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 11/23/99. ( )

That is the larvae of a Bot Fly. They lay their eggs just below the skin and they eat their way out. Its the main reason that Caribou and Reindeer skins are not a desirable source for good clean leather. They leave holes in the skin as they leave. Except for the holes - it shouldnt be a problem to tan. It's normal.

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