Submitted by Brandon barton on 12/6/99. ( bart4532@uidaho.edu )

I've never tanned before, but I want to start. Basically, I'm just looking for some general comments about what a beginner should start with. Also, what is the difference between wet and dry tanning?

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Wet and dry tanning

This response submitted by Louis Garcia on 12/7/99. ( garcrobe@hoopster.little-hoop.cc.nd.us )

When you mention the words wet and dry tanning, I suspect you are talking about non-chemical tanning.
Check out the website - braintan.com.
This site should answer all your questions.

wet and dry

This response submitted by B.J on 1/9/00. ( )

the difference between wet and dry is wet is just a hide that hasn't been dried.

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