Need help with African flint hides!!!

Submitted by Dirty Creek Taxidermy and Tannery on 12/8/99. ( )

Need some suggestions on the best way to relax african flint hides. Have use relax-r on some smaller capes and it worked ok. Any suggestion on how to get them soft again.

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Good Luck!

This response submitted by Keith Daniels on 12/8/99. ( )

Hi Dirty, some of the African skins are an absolute nightmare, basically trash, and nothing will help them. On "decent" skins, Relax-R in the wet wheel does a real good job, nothing works very well when re-hydrating static. Try usin Knobloch's Bate on them after re-hydration too.

Dear Keith

This response submitted by Brent Gorman- Dirty Creek Taxidermy on 12/8/99. ( )

Thanks for your idea. By the way never heard of Knobloch's Bate what is it? These hides are big and probably to much for us we will probably send them off to a bigger tannery. The smaller hides i think will come out ok. Anymore suggestions please reply. Thanks, Brent Gorman


This response submitted by Keith on 12/9/99. ( )

It works to break down the non tannable protiens, and opens the skin so the pickle will penetrate better, making the whole process easier.

Call Knobloch's and they can give you a little more insight.

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