Punch coding hides?

Submitted by JB on 12/8/99. ( )

How does everyone punch coding their hides do it? Do I just punch holes in hide using an awl, basically in the shape of the numbers? I know it sounds silly, but it should be easy for someone to answer. Thanks alot!

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the way I do it

This response submitted by Troy on 12/8/99. ( )

Lets pick a number Say 242 ::'' Picture it like this 2 Make one mark
and then one under it 4 count the first mark and then add 3 to it to
make it 4 and then 2 add one mark beside the 2nd mark you made. 224
may be easier ::.. I hope you understand if not maybe someone else
might give it a try. Troy

Try this...

This response submitted by Stew on 12/8/99. ( )

Lets say your number is 12 0. The way I do it is this..........

X - Represents two
120 = X X - Represents one
X X X X - Represents zero

Hope this helps!

I like making simple holes

This response submitted by Chad on 12/8/99. ( w_chad@hotmail.com )

I make simple holes in a peace of the hide that I know will be cut off or pulled around back of the form. For example hide number 76 would just have a line of 7 holes and right under that would be a line of 6 holes. Just count the holes.

Hope this helps

Chad (w_chad@hotmail.com)

Punch coding hides

This response submitted by Larry on 12/8/99. ( hidebeak@cpinternet.com )

Don't use a round awl, a three or four cornered awl with sharp edges works much better. You can either buy one from a supplier, or make one from a small shanked screwdriver. Always punch your code in the same location in your hides and capes so you won't have to hunt around to find it. I always had my work orders printed with consecutive numbers, and everything pertaining to a particular mount had that number on it, i.e., hides, forms, backboards, etc. If you do this, you're less likely to get things mixed. Check my web site at www.hidebeak.com.

I Agree With Chad and Larry

This response submitted by Kieth Daniels on 12/9/99. ( arlcape@bright.net )

We see a lot of goofy codes on skins sent in here. Just punch them like Chad said, and use a punch like Larry talked about, it's simple and effective.

Simple codes

This response submitted by John C on 12/9/99. ( )

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
x x x x x x x x x x

x x x x x x x x x

x x x x x x x x

x x x x x x x

x x x x x x

x x x x x

x x x x

x x x

x x


Hope this shows up as zero is one punch, 1 has two punchs, 3 has four punchs etc. John C

use a phillips screwdriver

This response submitted by Pacemakr on 12/10/99. ( jfwagner@hereintown.net )

I do what Chad does, using a phillips screwdriver. The little X's are easy to find in the brisket before and after shaving and tanning.

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