Typical time for a commercial tanning company to tan hide

Submitted by Mark Harrison on 11/25/99. ( bloodtrail@mailexcite.com )

I have a question. I took a deer head to a local taxidermist in Dec. of 1998 (after Wisconsin gun season) to have a shoulder mount done. He sends the hides out to be tanned somewhere? Anyhow, its now almost 1 year later and he claims he has yet to get my hide (and lots of other peoples hides) back yet. Question is, can it take that long to get ones hide back? Is this normal, or is something weird about this? He taxidermist claims the tanning company moved their business to a new location, and have been slow ? Anyone know if it should or could take this long? Thanks!

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This response submitted by Frank on 11/25/99. ( basswtrout@aol.com )

It may just as well the tannery's fault. If the plant moved the factory has to reset it all up again. Just imagine all the work he has to get caught up on. Now its 99 and he gets more heads in. Just keep checking in on how it's going. Also ask what tanner he used and call them. Usually it can take some time for a person to get hides back but a year well the tanner moved.


This response submitted by George Roof on 11/25/99. ( georoof@aol.com )

As my server went tango-uniform half way through my first response, I hope it this is not a repeat.

I fear your taxidermist may have been less than straightforward with you. I know he didn't stop work and send your hide to the tannery by itself. No doubt, he waited until the end of the season and sent them all together as one shipment. He did flesh, salt, and dry them which all takes time. Tanneries can take from 6 to 8 months during their prime winter seasons, but most offer quick turnarounds for deer capes. Since they probably didn't get the capes until a few months after the season, their clock didn't start until then.

Most taxidermists I know have a 1 year backlog or more. I have about 10 deer left to do from 1998 myself. If a taxidermist tells you that your mount will be completed within 6 months, you can be certain of one of two things: (1) he is operating a shop staffed by several qualified taxidermists, of (2) he doesn't have very many customers for one reason or another.

All the above are correct

This response submitted by John C on 11/25/99. ( )

Yes tanneries are sometimes slow.

Most taxidermist that offer good work with tanned hides are behind.

Should someone offer quick turn around, they are normaly more expensive and charge well for their work. Doing dry preserve work. Or just dont have the work, i.e new business or piss poor quality work.

Higher price and work load dictate quailty and turn around.

Always make sure the taxidermist has or wet tans the hide.

Dry preserved capes are only good for a few years. I dont care what the taxidermist tells you. TANNED LAST LONGER. John C

John C is Right -- HOWEVER

This response submitted by Gary Kies, K & K Tannery on 11/26/99. ( gdkies@dmci. net )

John C is right about dry preservatives -- many quick turn around taxidermists are taking short cuts usually cutting out the tannery. They may be using many options. However there are many tanneries doing excellent work and turning their work around in a reasonable time (30-60 days). We happen to be one of those tanneries. If you would like to talk to us our phone number is 517-523-3196 or e-mail us. We can provide references.

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