Can I save this foul, smelly deer head?

Submitted by Jim R. on 11/25/99. ( equine& )

I recieved a deer head to mount that is in the foulest
condition of any I have done before. It smelled bad an
the area around the eyes was kind of slimey. The owner
said it was in a refrigerator for a week. I sprayed the
entire head with Stop Slip as per directions and left it on
for one hour. Then I removed the skin turned the ears and
bagged it to the freezer. I am waiting for a cooler day
to continue preping and salting it. How bad is too bad to
save? Will sponging with alcohol help set hair? Any suggestions
or advise will be appreciated .

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dosent sound to good

This response submitted by craig on 11/25/99. ( )

dosent it make you cry when they come in like the sound of it it dosent sound promising, if theres already no slipp around the ears and facial area you might have a chance.i have had some come in with a foul off smell before mainly caused by blood staining. the real test will be when you go to pickle it and tan keep a eye on it.the main thing is you told your customer what the chances are so he wont blame you (which happens) if you loose it through bad prep, best of luck.

Can It

This response submitted by George Roof on 11/25/99. ( )

I have a name for these. I call them "mayonnaise" deer. You know, that yellow/whitesh spooge on the skin and in the mucous membranes.

It sounds as if it were mountable, but just for spite, I refuse them. These will be the same customers who will moan at the least little problem. You never know what will happen during the tanning process. Even if the hair isn't slipping, I refuse them. Tell them that you will replace the hide for $XXX.XX. They should have to pay that much for being stupid.

i did 2 last year that were questionable

This response submitted by deer woman on 11/26/99. ( )

First one: deer was gutshot in bow season during 60 degree weather- guy didnt find it till next day- it stunk stunk stunk. He bought the whole deer over- i pulled at the fur- very tight all over the cape area. Ok, i skinned it and said i'll give it a try ( this guy is a repeat, and a very nice undestanding guy, so i feel ok doing stuff for him without worrying about lawsuits or other garbage). I have an auto tanner, so i threw the skin in without any prep being done to help lock in the hair. Then i split and turned and fleshed. it still stunk. I washed it in lysol, then put it back in the atnner with a fresh batch of tan and water. Then i shaved it well, put it back another hour, shaved the black and green spots a little more, then oiled and let set. The cape turned out fine and i got rid of 95% of the odor. When i mounted it and it dried, the rest of the odor faded after a few weeks. I had a happy customer. A MIRACLE SKIN!

Number 2 cape story: The guy put the skin and uncaped head into a fridge for a MONTH!!!!!!!! He brings it by and no slippage. Throughout tanning process- no slippage! UNBELIEVABLE!

So the conclusion: who knows how the skin may turn out?

Thanks to all.

This response submitted by Jim. R. on 11/26/99. ( equine& )

I think I will try to save the cape if I can and replace
it if I have to. Has anyone ever heard of using alcohol
to stop slipage? thanks again Jim R.

Yes, Alchohol and hair slippage...

This response submitted by Leanna on 11/30/99. ( )

Yes Jim, if I get a hair slippage problem, I will usually CONSUME the alchohol myself. It takes care of the problem immediately, allthough, when the alchohol wears off, damn if the slippage ain't still there. More alchohol maybe?!! Sorry..he he..

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