coon skin hat

Submitted by jeremy on 12/10/99. ( )

i would like any info i could geton making a coon skin hat what tanning method is the best and all the rest of stuff i been doin taxidermy full time fer 3 years but iv never made one before so any help will be alot of help

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Bruce Rittel sells a pattern.

Been there, tried that

This response submitted by Brian Kemp on 12/10/99. ( )

Tried to make a coon skin cap once. Fell apart after the first year. I'd say leave it to the pros. Had one made apprx 5 years ago and still doing great! I wear it all winter. Fritz Henke is who made mine. You can call him at 810-635-9669. Take apprx. 2 med to large coon. It cost around $80. Well worth it!

Fur Chaser

Coon shin hat making'

This response submitted by peterson on 12/11/99. ( )

IT TAKES 1 MED. TO LARGE SKIN TO MAKE A HAT. The price of the hat if the skin is tanned runs from $10 to $20 to make. We have been making hats for over 25 years. We line the hats with a quilted linning.

coon skin hat making

This response submitted by Dan on 1/20/02. ( NWTAXIDERMY@WORLDNET.ATT.NET )

Looking to get hat made for client, has 1 large coon. Thanks

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