soft as a chamois

Submitted by Lester on 12/10/99. ( )

I've searched the archives and can't seem to find the answer I need. I am a trapper and with furs be as low as they are I thought I would tan them and sell them in the novalty market. i allready have a buyer and now all i need is to do the tanning. My problem is this... every time i have home tanned anything they just weren't soft enough. I need these furs to be as soft as a chamois cloth like you would use to dry your car. I thank you in advance.

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Soft skins

This response submitted by Todd B on 12/10/99. ( )

I think what you probably need to do is assuming that you tan the skins
and oil them you probably need to work the skins. Or stretch them in
some way such as over a staking beam. I am not an expert at doing skins
that way I just tan,oil and mount them. Hopefully some one such as Keith Daniels
or Bruce Rittel can help you more in this field.

Todd B

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