synthetic tanning

Submitted by Al on 12/11/99. ( )

I have been tanning my muskrats in Basyn-tan D-L-E with good results.
I go through all the steps (salting, pickle, neutralizing,and into the tan,then oiling.) I am only doing three to four at a time in five gallon buckets with three gallons of solution in each bucket.The question is how many batches of hides can I do befor I need to make up a new solution of basyn-tan,neutralizer, and pickle?I know to check the PH of the solutions and so far everything has worked out alright for me but would like to know how long to keep the solutions.
You have a great forum and thanks for any help you can give me.

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One Batch

This response submitted by Mark on 12/14/99. ( )

You should only be able to run one batch of skins through one
tanning bath. Once you mix your batch, which you should only
make enough for the skins your putting in, after you get done
with the bath all of the tan should be used up or exhausted.
No telling how much tan is left with out some very expensive
meters telling you. Did you purchase this from Basf ? Mark

thanks Mark

This response submitted by Al on 12/14/99. ( )

Mark, thanks for answering my question without putting me in a catagory or chasing me all over the archives looking at everything there is about tanning and still not come up with the answer to a simple question. Thanks Al

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