Frozen Deer Hide

Submitted by Chad on 11/27/99. ( )

I have a deer hide frozen. Could I submerge it in warm water to thaw it out quicker? Would it hurt anything?

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No Warm Water

This response submitted by Art on 11/27/99. ( )

Your goal is to prepare your hide or cape without allowing it to become warm.
Warm breeds Bacteria. Bacteria ruins capes.

Let it thaw! Naturally!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 11/28/99. ( )

Dont try the "quickie" way! Keep it dry! Just let it thaw to room temp - then salt it good, fold it for 2 days and let it drain, flesh it really good, resalt it and let it set folded for another 2 days, and then shake it out and hang it to dry. You can store or hang it dry until next summer.

Bacteriacide during each step . . .

This response submitted by jeff hughes on 11/28/99. ( )

In addition to using cold water bath to thaw out your hide, I add lysol concentrate every step of the way.
During thaw, pickle, neutralize and even tan solution. I use alot more than I probably should at each step too, but I don't lose many capes either.
Other bacteriacides may work better I don't know, never had to try others and it's cheap insurance.
Good luck- Jeff

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