Help, I am a little concerned here!

Submitted by Tony on 12/11/99. ( )

I salted a cape Wednesday evening. Thursday evening I shook it off and resalted
the cape. It is Saturday afternoon and it doesn't seem to be any dryer today than
it was when I resalted it on Thursday. The temp in my shop has been @ 60 degrees. I
even put a fan on it for a while Thursday after I resalted it. Someone please tell
me if I need to do something else because I am scared I am going to loose the cape!


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Completely Flat?

This response submitted by Bubba on 12/11/99. ( )


Is the hide stretched out completely flat? Any folds or being folded can slow the drying time. Humidity can affect it also. Get the hide up off the floor and put plastic crates underneath it so the air can get to it 360 degrees. Shake out again, resalt and put a low fan on it from several feet away. My guess is that the cape was bloody. Anyway, good luck.

This worked for me

This response submitted by Dan R on 12/11/99. ( )

After 3 days outside (salted of course) I folded the cape once and put it inside a large paper grocery bag. I left the bag open and took it in the house and set it out of the way so my wife wouldn't get too upset. It dried out just fine.


This response submitted by deerwoman on 12/12/99. ( )

You may be having a humidity problem- has it been raining alot there? I have this same problem whenever its raining, wiether warm or cold. After i resalt, i hang them on a hook inside the workshop and put a fan on them, rotating the cape every few hours ( i case skin them). They get well dried in a day. I do this for flat skins, bears, etc.

Thanks, everyone........

This response submitted by Tony on 12/12/99. ( )

Yes, I am in Mississippi and the humidity is @90-100% 360 out of 365 days
a year. I guess it is just going to take a little longer here due to the


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