Submitted by Brad on 12/12/99. ( bschindler@ecol )

can I use the lysol that you use on floors or is it a special lysol is it at your local walmart another question on bacteria how can bacteria live when you pickle at a ph of 1.5. thanks

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This response submitted by Todd B on 12/12/99. ( )

It is Lysol in the brown bottle. It is a concentrate and I usually
get mine at the drug store around my house but Wal-mart probably has
it also. And probably most grocery stores carry it also.

Todd B

Why would you want to use it???????????????

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 12/12/99. ( )

No Bacteria can live between a 0 and 2.0 Ph range. So why do you want to use Lysol? If your Pickle is at a 1.5 you have already sterilzed your capes, and adding Lysol which is usually at a high Ph of 9.0 will only raise the Ph for you. The only place I'd think of using a Bacteriacide (not Lysol) is in the relaxing bath BEFORE the Pickle. I personally think that Lysol is HIGHLY over-rated and not suited to kill the bacteria that you and I encounter in skins. Save your money. I never use it.

I agree Bruce!

This response submitted by Larry M on 12/12/99. ( )

I agree with Bruce, I don't use it anymore. I think it'll cause you more problems than good (ie fluxuations in your pickle). I don't have any problem maintaining my pH since I ditched the Lysol.

Fresh scent

This response submitted by Art on 12/12/99. ( )

The only time I use Lysol is when washing my fish and birds as a deoderizer. I use the new fresh scent in the blue bottle

Not to disagree, but . . .

This response submitted by Jeff Hughes on 12/13/99. ( )

Far be it from me to disagree with anyone, I think there is more than one way to skin a cat.
I am afraid I come from the Bob Elzner school of thought, and use lysol every single step of the way, cleaning blood out of cape, pickling, neutralizing and even the tan solution (lutan-f).
I only know what has worked for me, and I think old Elzner would have problem starting a fist fight over whether Lysol is of value in the process.
Like I said, not to be a black sheep, but I haven't lost even my fair share doing it this way.

Good luck with whatever you use, :) jeff

I have had LYSOL BALL UP

This response submitted by John C on 12/13/99. ( )

LYSOL seems to lack complete quality control.

It pH varies from batch to batch.

It reacts differently in tanning solutions. Several times I have had it BALL UP into sticky pink tar balls. As far as it working, I have tried it in glues for my deerheads and by Joe yes it caused slippage, after I quite using it NO MORE SLIPPAGE.

it does have a place in the shop and that is cleaning up the COUNTERS and FLOORS.

John C


This response submitted by Brad on 12/13/99. ( )

thanks for taking the time to answer my question

Me too, Bruce

This response submitted by Rick Carter on 12/15/99. ( WASCO )

Lysol stinks too. Basacryl is a much better bacteriacide

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