Hair slip after the tan??

Submitted by Dave on 11/29/99. ( )

What would cause severe hair slip right after the tan?? Cape was skinned and salted twice, rinsed,pickled for 2 days, shaven, back to the pickle for 2more days, neutralized for 20 min, washed rinsed, into the tan for recomended time {20hrs].Big time hair slip after draining as I was oiling. All direction were followed exactly, checked PH in pickle and in tan 2-3 times. Will bacteria live in the tan vat? sin was in good shape at time of skinning with no smell.Does anyone have a clue as to what in the world could have happened?????

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Curious - Problem

This response submitted by Gary Kies, K & K Tannery on 11/29/99. ( )

Most slippage originates before you or the tannery gets their hands on the piece. Usually bacteria/warm conditions prior to skinning and fleshing lead to these problems. Only other question -- what was your PH in pickle and how much salt per gallon did you use?

PH 1.5 salt 1lb per gal this ok ?

This response submitted by Dave on 11/30/99. ( )


Try this

This response submitted by Frank on 11/30/99. ( )

Next time after you salt the hide, dry it first then rehydrate and pickle. Drying the hide will aid in setting the hair as the salt will kill bacteria.


This response submitted by Mark on 12/1/99. ( )

Dear Dave, just wondering what you washed your cape in? I believe that if you wash your cape after pickling it could cause slippage to capes. Think Bruce Rittel told us that one time on here. I think he also told us some of the soaps could also cause slippage because of ph difference. Could be wrong but when I tan I wash mine before pickling. Also you want to have your capes completely dry before proceeding in the process. Good luck, Mark

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