Effects of temperature on salting and pickling

Submitted by Steve A. on 11/29/99. ( )

I was wondering what effect a cooler temperature has on the
sakting and pickling process. At present I have several capes
drying in my garage on a salting rack. They are drying slowly
because of the low temperatures. It is above freezing but still
very cool. My pickle solution is usually in my basement at
about 50 to 60 degrees F. Is this too cool? I really appreciate
all the help and advice.

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salting and tanning

This response submitted by Mark on 12/1/99. ( )

I think it is better to dry your capes at a warmer temperature if you can. The fluids drain faster therefore the capes dry faster. You want to do your tanning at warmer temperatures to tan properly. You might want to ask Bruce Rittel what the temperature should be for a proper tan. Good Luck, Mark

Thanks Mark

This response submitted by Steve A. on 12/1/99. ( )

I use Lutan-f for tanning and I know this has to be done at
a warmer temperature for best results. I have heard that even
80 degrees F. is better than 70 degrees. But I was wondering
about the pickle prior to tanning, should this be at least
room temperature? Will the pickle solution work as well at
say 50 degrees. Tanning here in Montana is sometimes difficult
in the winter. My wife is getting tired of my moving things
upstairs and into her kitchen. Thanks for your help.

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