help!! I need a RELIABLE tannery!

Submitted by Jim Kelly on 12/13/99. ( )

I am looking for a good, reliable tannery. I have used [four major tanneries] with less than desirable results in fact in some cases devastating results. I just received 2 lifesize Dall Sheep with the legs almost false-cut off. I am at wits end and must find a tannery. I run an honest business and don"t mind paying more for quality tanning but please give me back capes in excellent condition! If anyone can help me please respond or email me. Thanks Jim

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Let me know when you find one.

This response submitted by Kenneth on 12/13/99. ( )

I have absolutely no luck either. I have tried all the above also. I have learned to get a good in-shop tan after having no luck with commercial tanning. I would like a good one for some of my tanning, so let me know if one works out.

Try these guys

This response submitted by Rich on 12/13/99. ( )

Try this tannery. Ive been using them for 16 years now with no complaints.....
Wilderness Fur Dressing
30 remington blvd.
Ronkonkoma, NY 11779
[516] 467-1458

ask for Bob or Adam.

Tannery Wanted

This response submitted by Brent Gorman - Dirty Creek Taxidermy & Tannery on 12/14/99. ( )

Looking for a reliable tannery. I have been in Taxidermy for 26 years and have my own tannery. I would like to talk with you give me a call @ (918) 989-5465. I do lost of tanning for other taxidermist and I have very satisfied customers. Thanks, Brent Gorman P.S. Where are you located?


This response submitted by Mark on 12/14/99. ( )

I hear that Arlington cape is a good tannery. I am going to try them myself on some stuff. I think the guys name is Keith Daniels their e-mail is: and the ph: 419-365-1012 Good luck to you, Mark

great tannery

This response submitted by kevin on 12/14/99. ( )

I think you guys need to contact kim & steve faechner at Bear Paw Fur
Dressing in Havre,Mt. I Think you will be happy with the results and
service you receive. 406 394 1514 or or maybe
Kevin Miller
Saddle Mountain Taxidermy

Scratch BEar PAw

This response submitted by John C on 12/14/99. ( )

I have a wolf tanned by bear paw. Its acid swelled and leather is so weak it tears at the touch.

TRY ARLINGTON CAPE< Keith has kelped me with some things, I feel he is honest as the day is long.

John C

We can help!

This response submitted by Gary Kies, K & K Tannery on 12/14/99. ( )

Give us a call at 517-523-3196, or e-mail us your address and we can send you our brochure and shipping info. We can also provide references. Many taxidermists who have seen our posting on this forum have started shipping to us and are very pleased. We would look forward to working with you. We take pride in our work and our turn around time is 30-45 days from the time we receive your work. Have a good day.

Arlington Cape will even do a new bleach system

This response submitted by Mark on 12/14/99. ( )

Keith has a new way of Bleaching skins without making the hair
brittle. Arlinton Cape 419-365-5321.
Joe at East Coast may even bleach and service you also.
Also let us know where your located and we can reccomend a
tannery closer to you.

Try Bear Paw Fur Dressing Anyway

This response submitted by G. L. on 1/9/00. ( )

I have had real good luck at this tannery and think you will be real happy.

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