postponing the last step of tanning, possible?

Submitted by cua on 12/14/99. ( )

After acid pickling, then neutralizing. Is it okay that a skin be left out to complety dry for itself, store it, then come back some other time, have it relax again then proceed tanning it w/ any synthetic tannage checmicals? In other words , the last step of actual tanning / oiling and finishing be postponed to a much later date from a dry but neutralize skin?. Is this variation prossible and is generally safe? Is there some kind of dilemna (technical in nature) that may bound to happen such as difficulty in relaxing it back to its ideal state for proper tanning etc.?? This can apply to a situation wherein somebody from oversea wish to tanned and finished the skin by themselves but wouldlike to haveit send already pickled/shaved and completey dry and at least w/ that it can at least be classsified as "pickled" or semi tanned state since many countries are more strict when its still in "raw salted state." This so called "already pickled" condition, if I may presume may somehow assure/orguarantee the receiver that it has already passed the most critical, "easy to spoil stage" stage (that a salted hide may still have that risk).

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This response submitted by Mark on 12/14/99. ( )

I don't know if this is a good idea or not. You might take a risk in hair slippage if you pickle neutralize then rehydrate and pickle again. I have never actually tried this myself but you may want to ask this question of a higher qualified person than me. I have done tanning for about 15 years but never have tried this procedure. Try Bruce Rittel on this one he will most likely have a good answer for this one. I have tried soaking down a deer after mounting and had results but they were tanned already. Good luck, Mark

Pickled - OK! Neutralized - NO!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 12/25/99. ( )

I've bought furs that were pickled and drained before shipment, and then sent wrapped in plastic to prevent drainage - but I wouldnt recommend it during the summer months! In fact, I would also add a fungicide/bacteriacide to prevent any mold or fungal growth during shipment just as extra protection. DONT neutralize them and ship - the presence of the Alkaline will literally "mush" or weaken the epidermis and create massive slippage for you. As for draining and then drying a pickled skin - I logically dont think it will be a problem for you. Just rehydrate it in a pickle and proceed with tanning later. It should be fine. Again I recommend a pickled skin and not a neutralized or tanned skin. If you try drying a tanned skin and oiling it later, it may be difficult to have it become "open" and receptive to absorbing the Oil. Shrinkage will also occur! Good luck!

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