Full Submersion?

Submitted by philip on 12/14/99. ( pml003@beta.latech.edu )

In the past after receiving a tanned bobcat or other long-haired cape back from the tannery, I would completely soak the hide in water for a few hours untill it softened up, let drip a little while, bag and put in fridge overnight, and mount next day. When i get the cape back from the tannery the fur is dry and fluffy and I hate getting it soaked because it doesn't seem to dry up as nice as I would like.
My question is instead of completely submersing the cape for rehydration, could I soak only the head and feet and wet the rest of the hide with a towel so the majority of the fur would stay dry. I would then put a wet towel inside the cape and bag and mount the next day? Would that be adequate for rehydration or is it better to completely soak the cape?

Thanks alot!!

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don't submerge

This response submitted by deerwoman on 12/15/99. ( )

Not sure what type of tan, but soaking the head and feet for about an hour is fine, then sponging the rest from the inside is fine. laying the damp towel is also a great idea. The thin skin will take the water fine this way.

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