Buffalo tanner in mid-west

Submitted by Jon on 12/15/99. ( Deadbass@aol.com )

Looking for a tanner in mid-west Kansas City Ks area to
do a buffalo cape. What is the cost for a Buffalo cape?

Thanks Jon

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you got 2

This response submitted by John C on 12/15/99. ( )

Down the road you got tanning unlimited (good luck) last year they ripped the nose off, legs with hooves, and ripped the face on a buffalo They are in Hermitage, MO well just south of Hermitage. The in Dodge City, KS you have Mid-KAn Tan.

I in no way endorse either of these, just telling you what happened to me. JOhn C

Try this one!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 12/15/99. ( rittel@ici.net )

Try Sioux Replications in Hot Springs, SD - they shouldnt be too far. Talk to Larry Belitz (605) 745-3902

Diamond 88 buffalo Ranch

This response submitted by Mark on 12/15/99. ( knoblochs@worldnet.att.net )

Diamond 88 buffalo ranch does just that buffalo. call
Dick at 307-754-7277.


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