Tanning a Pine marten......any suggestions

Submitted by Travis on 12/15/99. ( Ltravis580@aol.com )

Just wondering if anybody could help me out with this little critter...I`ve never done anything this small and have a few questions. I have him all skinned out and put him back in the freezer....should I salt him just like a would a coyote??? then pickle??? flesh?? back in the pickle....then tan? I didn`t know what would be the best tanning method on this little guy being his skin is so thin.....I currently use LutanF for my tanning....should I cut down my time in the tanning solution because of his thin skin? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.....Thanks guys...

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Just Like A Coyote

This response submitted by Keith on 12/16/99. ( )

It'll work just fine. ( I know you've done coyotes, I saw a picture once)

Thanks Kieth

This response submitted by Travis on 12/16/99. ( Ltravis580@aol.com )

Thank ya sir....and sorry I missed ya when ya called this morning....I will get them capes sent to ya in the next week or two....

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