WASCOs deer mounting kit

Submitted by john on 12/27/99. ( )

I've read all the archives on dry preserative and it seems that everyone thinks it isn't a good idea to use it.
So, why does WASCO include it in this kit. It is kind of a let down for a beginner to see his or her first
piece of work shrink up and look awful by purchasing this kit. I understand why they include it, I just don't
know why from all of the negative comments about it. So, is it not a good idea to purchase this kit if you
want to do a mount for your first time. Any opinions on this

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That's A Tough one

This response submitted by Art on 12/27/99. ( )

It is not politically correct to talk about DP on the forums. Because tanning might be the best way to preserve a deer, some think it's the only way.
If you want to compete, you might as well just start by tanning.
I don't do everything the way I'm supposed to I guess, so I'll tell you I mount deer heads using several different techniques, and don't see a whole lot of difference in the results.
Just MY Opinion

Just an opinion now...

This response submitted by Leanna on 12/27/99. ( scardeer@cornernet.com )

I think as with anything, it would be of great advantage to study different procedures and chemicals and there outcome before the actuall mounting procedure. The "kit" is one of many options for us to choose from. There is alot more to taxidermy than picking out a kit and mounting up an animal. There is SO much more involved, and its up to us to get educated first.
Reason for the DP in the kit, some people like it. You just need to figure out what your using and what kind of an effect it'll have on the final outcome, BEFORE you decide to use it, and I'm hoping this isn't coming across rudely, as I most deffinately am not meaning it rudely.

Good Response Leanna

This response submitted by Art on 12/27/99. ( hursey1@sota-oh.com )

Good answer to a tuff question Leanna.

WASCO's Deer Mounting Kits and DP

This response submitted by Ken Edwards on 12/28/99. ( ken@taxidermy.net )

Dear John,

You've brought up a very good point. There are several reasons that dry preservative is offered in the WASCO Beginner's Deer Mounting Kit.

Yes, we at WASCO agree that tanning will produce a more long-lasting, better-looking, and more professional deer head than using the dry preservative method. If a beginner wishes to mount their first deer with a home-tanned skin, then they are encouraged to purchase both a deer mounting kit and a tanning kit. If we were to include all of the tanning chemicals in the deer mounting kit, the price of the kit would increase to as much as both kits combined, so no money would be saved, except by the elimination of the dry preservative, which is a small percentage of the cost. The beginner can now choose from many different tanning systems such as Lutan-F, EZ100, Liqua-Tan, or commercial tanning. Including the tanning kit within the deer mounting kit would eliminate this choice.

The deer mounting kit is also designed for the first-time beginner. Mounting a deer head for the first time is a complicated and frustrating procedure at best, and to add the additional time, expense and 20 or so steps in tanning would prevent some beginners from completing their project and achieving any sense of accomplishment. Also, a novice's first deer head is more of a learning experience than creation of a trophy. We always recommend that beginners not learn on an irreplaceable specimen. A second or third deer head will be much better than the first one, and it might be advantageous to complete one easier, dry-preserved mount before moving on to a tanned skin.

Although most professionals and forum contributors are "enthusiastic" about the benefits of tanning over dry preservative for deer heads, there are still many thousands of taxidermists, professional and amatuer, who use this method with success. I personally would not use dry preservative on a deer head, but I have seen many examples of decades-old mounts done with dry preservative which have held up surprisingly well.


This response submitted by john on 12/28/99. ( )

Thanks to everyone that responded to my inquiry

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