URGENT need help

Submitted by craig on 12/28/99. ( )

i have a number of small critters that were tanned in a auto tanner.they were tanned with alum and salt and then air dried.after relaxing them back with salt and relax R they look fine but when handled around the feet and ears(ears were not turned and feet were left in) they slip bad.is it to late or can i inject them with formalin or what else can i do to save them.Thankyou

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This response submitted by Todd B on 12/28/99. ( trigger@indy.net )

Sounds like they are to far gone to me. But at the World show (1999)
I sat in a fox mounting seminar with Darin Flynn. He had some slippage
(as Foxes do alot)and he dabbed formaldahyde on the spot and it tightens
it up I suppose. But you made a major mistake by not turning the ears
and skinning the feet. you may want a second opinion but I think you are
to late.

Todd B

Urgent - Tanning Caiman (crocodillian)

This response submitted by Kerwin Benacia on 1/27/01. ( benacia@hotmail.com )

can you help I live in trinidad in the caribbean , so my resources are limited how can i tan the skin....

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