Question on Tanning for Lifesize

Submitted by Kevin on 12/17/99. ( )

I was wondering your opinions on the preferred method of tanning from a professional tannery for a lifesize mount, be it a small game animal or a big game animal. The question I have is: Do you prefer the dry tan or wet tan method, and also why do you prefer that method? Is the tan better, or are you just more familiar with that kind of tan? The tannery that I am now using offers both methods and the cost is the same, I have been using the wet tan methods recently, before that I used the dry a few times. Also I read somewhere that the professionally done dry tans are cleaner fur wise than a wet tan, have any of you noticed this? Just curious because I have a mountain goat, and I was going to wet tan it for a lifesize mount.

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Cleanliness relative

This response submitted by Jim Tucker on 12/17/99. ( )

Wet or dry tan is not the differnce in cleanliness. The tannery you use is. The wet tans I use are as clean as any dry tan that is out there. If you use a tannery without good clean methods they will be dirty. Dirty dry tans just seem cleaner because when you soak them up this helps to eliminate alot of the dirt. So whatever you get from them wet tan will be the same dry tanned. Pick a clean one.

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