Anyone tanning with Relugan GTW??

Submitted by Bob M on 12/30/99. ( )

I have been tanning with Relugan GTW for awhile now, because I like the neutralizing qualities it has.
I mix a portion of Relugan with warm water and salt satuate to a ph of 7
I keep the hides in the tan, till the skins are ph 5-6 (I check this with a ph liquid, dropped into a cut on the hide)
Hides for dressings are very soft, which I like.
The only problem I have with this tan is, for mounting bear rugs and a few deer capes, the skin hasn't much stretch. Around the eyes, lips, and especially the ears, the skin seems to be rubbery!
Is this treat of this tan? Or am I doing something wrong?
PS...before tanning, the hides are thoroughly pickled

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This response submitted by Jeff on 12/30/99. ( )

I'm new to the forum and I don't want to sound like I'm blow'n
my own horn, but I've been in the leather industry for almost 20 years
and never have seen anybody use GTW for a straight tan in fur dressing.GTW is a retanning agent used in chrome tanned leather.
Anyhow,it sounds like your ph is to high when coming out tan and
you are getting acid swell.Bring the ph down to 3.0-3.4.It should help.Maybe Bruce R. could be of more help.I would go to a different
tan if I where you. EZ100,Lutan or Liquitan. Good luck.

Acid swell

This response submitted by Bob on 12/31/99. ( )

Jeff: I pickle the hides in the typical Formic acid solution, then I put the hides into the Reugan tan, which has no acid. How can I get acid swell?


This response submitted by Jeff on 1/1/00. ( )

Do you put any salt in with the tan? Your getting acid swell from
pulling skins out of tan with a ph of 5.0-6.0. Lower ph with formic
acid to 3.0-3.4 ,Leave in bath for about 1/2 hour.Drain,oil,dry,
stake,tumble and rehydrate with salt in bath.

Repickling the skins

This response submitted by Bob M on 1/9/00. ( )

Yes, I put salt in the tan. Anyway, I put the capes back into the pickle and let them pickle again. The hides are losing their rubbery feeling and seem to return to normal.
I think I'll stick to Lutan F!!
What is retanning? How does Relugan work in retanning?


This response submitted by Jeff on 1/16/00. ( )

Sorry I didn't get back sooner busy in the shop.Retanning,something that is not done in fur dressing.In the leather industry about 90%of all skins are chrome tanned.Chrome makes leather just about bullet-proof.Chrome is the first tan that skins go thru.After tanning the skins are put into a wringer(almost like the old wringer washers)to get out as much moisture as possible and then skins are shaved to a certain thickness.
Now skins go into retan and color.Depending on what the leather is going to be used for(boots,shoes,glove,garment...)depends on what retan agent will be used.GTW tends to keep leather on the firm side.
There are several types of retanning agents,vegatable extracts(bark)syntans,also lutan f.Lutan is used as a bleaching agent to help make colors brighter.
The best thing I have found GTW to work on is bird feet.Mix 1 part GTW to 5 parts water and inject it.It takes about 2 or 3 weeks to dry.I have used it about 15 years and never had any problems.

pleasegive recipe for making sheep nappa from the pickled

This response submitted by m.victor on 10/27/00. ( mvictor )

I want to make black jacket leather from pickled shee skin i did appreciate any recepies using BASF chemicals right from pickled to finished leather.


This response submitted by rg on 10/27/00. ( )


Used Dakota II, or III for sale

This response submitted by John R on 12/6/01. ( )


Looking to get started in using a fleshing machine and would like to get a used one to start.

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