Lutan-F vs EZ-100 vs Liqua-Tan

Submitted by Miranda on 12/19/99. ( )

I'm about to order a deer shoulder mount kit from WASCO. The kit supposedly comes with everything you need, but it uses a dry preservative. Based on what I've read and seen thus far, I'm not convinced that the dry preservative is the way to go. So I think I'm going to go ahead and tan the cape instead. However, I can't decide between the Lutan-F method, EZ-100 method, and Liqua-Tan method. Time of tanning is not really a factor, but simplicity is. This is to be my first attempt at tanning a hide and I don't want to mess up. Any advice on which method is most "fool proof" for a beginner with little/no experience and equipment? Thanks.

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Lutan F, EZ100, Liqua-tan, VS DP

This response submitted by Kent on 12/19/99. ( )

Miaranda, If this is your first mount, you might want to take another look at DP. Yes there are Pros and Cons between the two of them. However if simplicity is what your looking for, it may be easier for you to do DP method. My first shoulder mount was done by
a Reinhart Kit using DP. It was done a number of years ago still
looks like a fresh mount.( infact I've done several more the same
customer since) I still occasionally use DP.(when pressed for time)
It's just something to consider. Bruce Rittle would be the person to
ask however,(He's one of the best in the bus.) Hope this helps out,
And good luck on your mount, Kent


This response submitted by Todd B on 12/19/99. ( )

No matter how simple it sounds. I have not used EZ-100 but I have used Lutan F
I am sure they are equal as far as quality. It is not very hard to tan a skin
as long as you follow the instructions. I believe you will be happier with the
results of the tanned capes. Just do your best when thinning the hides.
I know there is alot of controversy concerning the D.P. method and tanning
But if you do go with the D.P. method use a very strong higgh quality hide glue.

Todd B

EZ 100

This response submitted by Jeff M. on 12/19/99. ( )

Miranda, lutan and ez-100 both work great. I've never used DP and dont think its worth the worry of having the customer come back for a repair later on down the road. Bruce Rittel offers a tanning kit using ez-100 and it comes with all you need but salt. give Bruce an e-mail. His add. is in the taxi. net. suppliers listings, he is a great guy and will help with anything you ask.....hope this helps.
happy holidays Jeff M.

Lutan-F, EZ-100, etc.

This response submitted by Larry on 12/19/99. ( )

First of all, as many of you know, I am a supplier (Hide and Beak Supply Company), and naturally I want to sell the products that we carry, and acquire new customers. When I answer a question, however, I draw from my many years of experience as a taxidermist, and I always try to provide the best response that I can, without regard to whether I carry a particular product or not. I also do my best not to "knock" someone else or their products, but I will "tell it like it is" when it's called for! Secondly, I am not a chemist, so I don't necessarily know what's in a particular product, what dangers it may pose, if any, etc. Regarding DP: I used it when I first started doing taxidermy. In my opinion, you're ending up with preserved rawhide which is prone to shrinking and cracking. As far as the preserving part, I'm not even sure it does. I guess it depends on the brand. My advice, tan your hides or get them tanned. I have no idea what chemicals comprise Lutan-F, but let me tell you my experience with it. A number of years ago we decided to add it to our product line, and bought it in bulk for repackaging. I always wear a respirator when working with chemicals, but I cut open the bag and inhaled some of it before I put mine on. It almost knocked me down! It took me a few minutes to recover, then I proceded to repacked it in plastic bags inside cardboard boxes. About a week later, when we were filling an order for it, we picked up one of the boxes which literally fell apart. The plastic bags, still sealed, appeared uneffected. All the other boxes on the shelf were in the same condition. Our wooden shelves have aluminum strips on them for holding identification labels. The aluminum strips on the shelves above and below the packaged Lutan-F had become badly corroded. I immediately dropped this product from our inventory as I didn't want either my employees or my customers exposed to it, regardless of how good a job it did, or how much of it we could sell. According to Rittel, the manufacturer of EZ-100, the chemicals in this kit are environmentally safe, and safe to use. We carry it, and Rinehart's tanning cream. I hope this helps you make a decision on what to do and use. If you'd like a copy of our catalog, visit our web site at (guest book), or call us at 1-800-777-7916 and ask for one. Happy Holidays!


This response submitted by MORRIS on 12/19/99. ( A-1TAXIDERM@AOL.COM )


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