Fleshing/Shaving Tools

Submitted by Miranda on 12/19/99. ( mlgreer@cei.net )

I want to thank everyone for the great advice on the various tanning methods. I just have one more question - what is the best tool(s) for fleshing and shaving hides (that is reasonabley priced)? I have the Jim Hall Mammal Fleshing Tool circled in my WASCO catalog, but thought I'd get a second opinion before deciding for sure. Thanks in advance!

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Fleshing/Shaving tools

This response submitted by Angelo on 12/20/99. ( )

I have the same tool it's ok for lighter skinned animals like fox or
coyote but for deer it just doesn't cut it. If your going to fleshing deer
by hand I would get my self a really good pair of scissors and a scalpel
and razors and also good sharp knife. I have also found that if you just cut off
the heavy meat and salt the skin for about half a day or so you can pull the thinner
layers of meat and membrane off more easily by hand.

I like the mini-flesher

This response submitted by Steve A. on 12/20/99. ( )

I do quite a few deer capes with a mini-flesher. It works well for thinning
capes, and is easy to master the use of it. It is kind of over-priced
in my opinion. They sell for around $175. You can buy a comparable
air tool for around $20. in most catalogs. But even at this inflated
price, they will pay for themselves in a short time. I hope to move up
to move up to a full fledged fleshing machine when I win the lottery.

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