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Submitted by Michael on 12/20/99. ( )

I am preparing 2 deer capes,1 fox, 1 bear, and a raccoon hide to be sent off to a tannery. I've split the lips, turned the ears, hand fleshed around the eyes,nose,& lips and removed any large chunks of meat. I assume that should be all I need to do, or should I do a peliminary fleshing on the whole skin? Right now they are salted & rolled up hair side out. Should I refreeze them & ship them frozen or leave thawed and salted? Also what is a good way to send these hides? Whats a good tannery in Wis./ midwest?

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We are located in Michigan

This response submitted by Gary Kies, K & K Tannery on 12/20/99. ( gdkies@dmci.net )

Number 1: you should not roll the hides after you have salted, lay them out on an incline preferably on wire mesh or a plastic mesh slab so air can get under the hides. After the first day, shake the salt off the hide and resalt for a second day, then hang the hides to dry. It sounds like you have done all the preparation correctly except for the salt procedure and this is very important.

We are a commercial tannery for taxidermists. If you wish to talk with us you may reach us at 517-523-3196 or e-mail us your address and we can send you our brochure and shipping info. Looking forward to working with you.


This response submitted by Frank on 12/20/99. ( basswtrout@aol.com )

So far so good but DO NOT send your hides frozen. Dry them out first and then ship it. Why dry? many reasons sets the hair and it's cheaper to send out dried hides than wet ones.


This response submitted by Michael on 12/21/99. ( )

Ok, Thanks for the tips. I Have the skins drying out on a makeshift drying rack. Once they are dry whats the best way to ship them? Should I just box them as best I can & send by mail?

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