Rehydration of tanned cape(something wrong?)

Submitted by Todd B on 12/20/99. ( )

I hope Bruce Rittel reads this but I need anyones help. I rehydrated
a deer cape and a bear cape just like normal. 1 handful of salt per
per gallon of water,soaked the capes for 30 minutes,hung to drain for
30 minutes, and sweated them in the fridge overnight. My problem is
the ear cartilages at the base of the deer is hard and crispy. And
the bears nose did not totally rehydrate. What should I do? resoak
the ears and nose and resweat them?

Thank you,

Todd B

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This response submitted by Mark on 12/20/99. ( )

Dear Todd, I believe you are supposed to soak in the water for an hour and not drain before refrigeration. I know I am right on the hour thing but not 100 percent on the draining. Bruce knows best so you may want to wait on that part. You may be able to soak just the ears. Good Luck, Mark

Partly Right!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 12/21/99. ( )

I agree with what you did up to the draining part - I throw them into the plastic bag soaking wet, tie it off, and then refrigerate overnight. I do not drain them. You need them with that moisture present to complete the rehydration process. OK - so now what can you do? Get a couple (3) of sponges - soak them dripping wet in your salt solution, put one in each ear next to the hard cartlidge and one around the nose, bag it, tie it off tight, and refrig overnight again. They should loosen up.

I misread your e-mail Bruce

This response submitted by Todd B on 12/21/99. ( )

Bruce you e-mailed me the rehydrateing instructions and said soak for
30 minutes and drain for 30 minutes. I misunderstood and hung it to
drain for 30 minutes. OOPS! My bad. I went back to the original
e-mail and checked it out and I messed up.
Thanks for the info guys,

Todd B

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