Should I split the tail on a fox to salt and tan?

Submitted by Tony Dingess on 12/21/99. ( )

I have just been shoving the salt down into the unsplit tail on fox during the salting process (obviously), is This ok, or should I split the tail?

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Split it

This response submitted by Craig on 12/21/99. ( )

There is still some work to be done in this area as it also needs fleshing. If you are to pickle and tan this hide you will have to split it anyway otherwise risk slippage.

Too late for me, help

This response submitted by Jim on 12/22/99. ( )

I've been helping my friend tan a couple foxes. The tails were not split. Everything was going fine until tonight when I took them out of the tanning solution to oil them. The fur is coming out in chunks from the tail. Can I do anything to salvage it? For the next time is there a way to tan with the tail intact or always split them? This was my second attempt, the first time the tail was split and the hide turned out great. Thanks in advance. Jim


This response submitted by Craig Rusin on 12/22/99. ( )

a tail that was slpit and tanned properly to the hide and display. Just because a part of the hide( in this case the tail) falls apart there is no reason to waste the animal. Use your imagination.

As for mounting whole body small mammals just mount a seperate tail and attach to the form. This is how I do squirrels as once you freeze a squirrel tail the hair roots set and it's hard to get that fluffy look. Many methods these days allow for pieces to be mounted and then assembled for the final product, (ie. Turkeys)

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