Submitted by jeremy on 12/21/99. ( taxidermie@aol.com )

what is the best method fer soaking a cape before fleshing to make the cape sweell thanks fer any help

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After you rehydrate then pickle

This response submitted by Mark on 12/21/99. ( knoblochs@worldnet.att.net )

Don't know what your looking for but you need to pickle after you get it rehydrated. Mark

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This response submitted by Craig on 12/22/99. ( CRtracker@aol.com )

Rehydration: Prior to the pickle soak in a solution of plain cold water with bacteria-stat until it is somewhat pliable (This step also cleans any dirt out of the cape and saves my pickle solution for more than one cape). Some people add some salt to this solution but it is my understanding that salt, in solution, slows the re-hydration effect( due to the hydrophilic nature of salt, excess salt in solution will hold the water outside the skin preventing solution penetration). Some form of bactericide is very important and must not be omitted. Remember once you re-introduce water whatever bacteria was present in the cape will begin to grow again. This is why a good bactericide is so important.

Pickling: Once re-hydrated add to pickle solution and any bacteria will instantly be killed in the lower PH of this solution.

* Remember to check PH levels every few hours as they can change and you might have to add more acid.

*The purpose of the pickle solution is to kill whatever bacteria is present in the skin, PUFF THE SKIN for easier shaving and remove the soluble proteins. This creates a positive ionic charge in the skin allowing the skin fibers to attract the tannins.

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