shaving coyote

Submitted by Henry on 12/23/99. ( )

Is it true that coyote skin doesn't need to be shaved before tanning?
If it does need shaving, will a mini-flesher do the job?

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Just use a good knife and fleshing beam

This response submitted by Craig on 12/23/99. ( )

You could shave it with a machine if you wanted but all you will probably take off is the flesh and fat. The term shaving is sometimes confused with the term fleshing especially when the machine becomes involved. In the case of a coyote, beaver, raccoon, etc. the only place that is thick enough to actually shave is on the back of the head and neck. I use my machine (Quebec)to take off the heavy flesh and fat. I might be wrong but this works for me. Anyone else?

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