tanning with EZ 100

Submitted by Christian on 12/24/99. ( Thillet@msn.com )

I will be tanning my first skin, a bobcat, using EZ 100.
I like to use Dry Preservative for the skinning part to absorb blood and for better grip. Will it pose a problem later for tanning?

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Change to sawdust!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 12/24/99. ( rittel@ici.net )

Yes - it could. Most DP mixes contain things like Borax which is highly Alkaline and could potentially throw off your Ph's. Be aware of that as you begin the process. Keep an eye on the Ph levels. It might be wise in your case, if you wash the skin or cape before pickling to reduce the DP content - otherwise, particularly if you are using Saftee Acid, the Ph will be off! I personally think it might be better to use Sawdust Flour or simply Sawdust instead of the DP during skinning. Too many alkalines present in DP which can obviously influence the Ph and creates too much time spent checking and rechecking the Ph later.

try this.

This response submitted by MQT on 1/6/00. ( )

bruce is obviously right. You might try using just plain ol' borax even though it is a preservative to some degree. You might also try using a paper towel. I wrap a paper towel around the legs and ear butts when I am skinning them out and it gives me exceptional grip. The strange thing about it is the cheap thin paper towels work the best. Also, as far as tanning, Jan Van Housen has won two world titles with here bobcat and all she uses is denatured alcohol..Or that's what i was told..???

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