Liqua-Tan on Fur

Submitted by Adam M. Clossin on 5/5/99. ( )

I recently mounted my first two foxes, and I used Liqua-Tan. This was also the first time I used Liqua-Tan. The Liqua-Tan got on the fur and created a greasy feeling. is there any way to remove Liqua-Tan from fur? If anyone knows it will help alot!

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try Tide regular laundry detergent in warm water or...

This response submitted by deer woman on 5/5/99. ( )

...or try super solvent by Knoblochs or Rittel- heavy duty water soluable degreasers that won't harm skins- the Tide also adds a britener- just make sure its the Tide without the bleach, unless its a white fur!

Liqua Tan on Fur

This response submitted by Mark on 5/9/99. ( knoblochs@aol )

Hi Adam
She right, but you can get it out also with a little warm
water on a sponge after you mount it or before. If you
would like to do a light wash on it you can use some
Kemal-4 in a small bath, you will find that you will like
it because it is an 4 in 1 product. Sorry for the delay
in an reply I've been at a show. Good luck and let me
know if I can help.

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