What is a garment quality tan? Help!

Submitted by Doug on 5/5/99. ( doug.craig@gte.net )

What is different about a garment quality tan? Is it just that they thin it a little more or break the leather after tanning? Each year I save a few of my better quality furs to sew. I have begun to tan them this year with Lutan F. Will this work?

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Garment Leather

This response submitted by Keith Daniels on 5/6/99. ( )

Garment tanners are concerned mostly with the body portion of the skin, and do little to no work on the face areas. Lutan can be used for garment, but I think they mostly fatliqour with oils that produce a lighter, dryer leather. If you're going to try and sew something other than just a mountain man type hat, in other words anything that's more "dressy", send your skins to a place who does garment tannig, they do it so cheap you can't afford to do it yourself, even after you figure the skins you'll get back that they damaged.

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