Tanned Bear Question

Submitted by Wayne Zeigler on 5/25/99. ( hawkmtn@ruralnet.org )

I was recently given a tanned bear cape. The flesh side is covered with a green substance (not mold). What is this? What should I do to make this a better tanned piece of work?
Any suggestions are appreciated.

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Only a Guess!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 5/25/99. ( rittel@ici.net )

I'm truly guessing at this one - simply because it would be obviously better to see it, but it sounds lke you may have a Bear cape that was Chrome tanned. The leather on such skins usually have a Greenish-blue cast. Its a great tan - for leather, but usually you can't expect much stretching on it, and the same goes for that little bit of shrinkage after its mounted, so it conforms to the form, it doesn't shrink hardly at all. For all the reasons we don't use it - it makes a wonderful shoe leather! Be sure to glue that baby on, and don't count on too much shrinkage as it dries. If this isn't even a close guess - expand on this "Green" a bit more.

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