How to sharpen a fleshing machine correctly???

Submitted by Steve A. on 5/25/99. ( )

I finally have a fleshing maching, but I am having trouble
getting a good edge on the blade. I have some sharpening steels
that I use and a Van Dyke blade. I heard somewhere that some
tanners use sandpaper for this job. I know this may be hard
to explain here. I probably need to buy a video instruction
tape to figure this out. I know this is a green-horn kind of
question? Thanks for your help.

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This may help???????????????????

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 5/26/99. ( )

This may help you. We offer a video on how to use an Eager Beaver shaving machine. It's a copy of the original we produced years ago - but still full of pertinent info, particularly on how to sharpen the blade. Any blade. We offer it at $10.00 a copy. If interested - E-Mail by clicking on my above E-Mail address, and we would be happy to send you our pricelist. Just include your mailing address. And if you are nearby to NJ we plan to be offerring a Seminar on shaving there on 6/4- 6/6. It may be very worthwhile for you. Its always a great show! Lots of serious Taxidermists and great fun!

This may open a can of worms!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 5/27/99. ( )

I always tell someone to sharpen their blades using first, a shot of WD-40 on the edge, and then their tuning steels. I use 2. One on top And one under the lip. No pressure, I just let them roll as the edge rotates. Its similiar to using a steel on a sharp carving knife. The Wd-40 prevents heating the blade and drawing a spark. If you heat the edge, which is already fragile, you will lose the temper, and it dulls quickly! If you want to shave 100 WT capes with your blade - I recommend this method!!!!!! No sandpaprer!!! No sparks!!!

tis true

This response submitted by steve on 5/28/99. ( )

the Bruce is true,
2 steels are a great way to true the edge. WD40 is great too.
the more presure the more trouble you might acure. The thing to remember is, it is a knife and you are truing the edge not sharping it.
sand paper is a last thing to use and not a good thing for a begginer as you will loose your edge in a hurry. Remember using a fleshing maching is an art and it just takes a little time to learn.
good luck,

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