After Liqua-Tan?????

Submitted by Tommy on 5/27/99. ( <> )

After I apply Liqua-Tan on my deer hide,should I put hide in the
refrigerator or let set out in my shop before freezing? My shop is a little
warm and I'm wondering if that will hurt the hide.

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liqua tan

This response submitted by frank on 5/27/99. ( )

Well after you apply the tan you should let it set out for at least 5 hrs. Then you can do 1 of three things, mount it, freeze it, or let it dry out and then rehydrate it. And normal warmth will not hurt the hide at all. After all you do warm up the liqua tan first.

would let dry

This response submitted by rob on 5/27/99. ( )

I know some will disagree but I like to let my liqua tanned hides drycompletely after applying the oil.After dried and resoaked I have never lost a hide due to slippage.I have found i have much less shrinkage on the mannikin if i let them dry and then rehydrate.It is kind of like the hides go throgh a preshrink while drying the first time and after resoaked and stretched out they don't seem to shrink as much especially in the eye,lip, nose region.I might add though that my hides are shaved thin on a machine before liqua tanning. If I could not thin them down on the machine I might reconsider letting them dry out because of rehydration problems with a thick hide.Finally i do let them dry at room temperature.

I should Hire

This response submitted by Mark on 5/27/99. ( )


Frank and Rob are Right. I should Hire them, thanks guys.
I really appreciate people like you. If you want a little
more softness and stretch you can add a little Tanning oil# 1
the next day and let it dry. Thanks guys.

Resoak Solution?

This response submitted by Kevin on 5/30/99. ( )

After the liqua-tan hide has dried out completely, what kind of mixture are you putting it in after to resoak it. Just salt and water, and some bacteria fighter, or is it some other solution?

Rehydrating solution

This response submitted by Mark on 5/31/99. ( )

What I could recommend is using salt, water, and one ounce
of RELAX R to 5 gallons of water. Once rehydrated then you
may rinse lightly and proceed. Good luck


Freeze & Mount later

This response submitted by PT-NYC on 7/12/99. ( )

I operate a part time taxidermy Business and I've been
using liquatan for the last couple of years and it's a
GREAT Product.I normally Process 5-10 capes at a time.
after applying liquatan,I let it set for 5-6 hours then
I freeze them and mount them when I have the time.
skins will usually thaw in about 20 -30 mins.
you should try it. I've had NO problems with mounting or
slippage and my customers are very satisfied with their
mounts. Good Luck
PS. HI JOHN B. if you read this:)

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