Liqua tan

Submitted by Dan on 5/31/99. ( )

How long will Liqua last? I have a gallon (3/4-full) that has been on the shelf for more than a few years. Is it any good yet? I know it has to be mixed again, but did it lose somthing over a few years. MARK, i hope this didnt sound like i am slaming Liqua Tan, its just that i have been working for someone else. Now i am opening a shop for myself {AGAIN) and you cant belive the goodies i am finding while unpacking. Back to the tan, do i dump it and buy new, or can i still use it. Thanks Dan

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This response submitted by MARK on 5/31/99. ( )

Hi Dan

The LIQUA TAN will be fine, if its just a few years old
just make sure that its at room temperature and mix it up
good. Some times you may also mix it with a new quart.
Eaither way it will be fine and I'm very glad that I can
help in any way.

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